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Extreme Electra

Scissor Challenge 218 (Remastered)

She calls it her leg jail. We call it scissor heaven. Being trapped in Electra’s reverse headscissor for 10 straight minutes is something everyone should put on their bucket list. When she locks her ankles and straightens her legs, it’s like being clamped down by your new master. Her teasing and trash talking is so sexy. Electra really knows how to make you feel like an inferior being. She’s in amazing shape and keeps her legs straight the entire time, holding a perfect constant squeeze which amazingly gets tighter as the challenge goes on. Towards the end, she decides to really give him his money’s worth and pins down his wrists. The grip gets even tighter and Jay really tries to wiggle free as he gasps for air. Electra shows no signs of mercy. In fact, he tries to give up so she lets go of his wrists and says “I’m not done with you”. She squeezes as hard as she can, clenching her butt muscles until his eyes roll back, executing a perfect KO! She gets up, puts one foot on his chest, flexes her beautiful biceps and gives us that sexy smile. WOW! WOW! and WOW!
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Original Release Date: Aug-14-2015

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