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Hayley Fox

Scissor Challenge 245

Our new sexy girl Hayley Fox used to train to be a professional gymnast, so she has VERY strong legs and an amazing booty! This challenge includes a P.O.V. so you’ll have the best seat in the house. Hayley is a very sweet girl, but once her rock hard thighs are locked on, she doesn’t hesitate to let you know who’s stronger. It actually feels like your neck is engulfed in power…and a LOT of it. She mostly toys around with him, keeping a firm grip with her reverse headscissors, but when she clamps down and pours on the pressure, he REALLY starts to panic! There was no doubt that she could knock him out and after doing so, she gives us a little flex pose. As per their initial bet, he must now massage her sexy feet since he failed to escape her very powerful scissorhold. Feast your eyes on Hayley Fox because we have much more of her coming!

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