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Goddess Anat

Scissor Challenge 252

Our new victim Mike had never done a Scissor Challenge before, so it was no surprise that he was a quite overwhelmed by it. The moment that Goddess Anat locked her thighs around his neck, his eyes grew big and was in instant regret. Anat eggs him on to try and escape her hold, but his mind was focused on surviving this tight predicament. Before the 5-minute mark, Mike could no longer handle the pressure and called it quits. Jay steps into his place to see if he’s got what it takes. Anat, once again, applies her reverse headscissor which immediately gets his attention. He tries really hard to get out, even pulling her entire body off the floor numerous times, but she’s got him on lock down. She slowly increases the pressure as time goes by, which makes Jay frantically desperate. By the end, he’s begging her for mercy and gets a huge relief when she finally lets him go. She stands on his chest, flexes her biceps, and laughs at the loser whom she so easily defeated.

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