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Madam Mysteria

Scissor Challenge 260

This is one of our most intense Scissor Challenges yet! Madam Mysteria’s power is FAR beyond what any human can handle so when you are forced to endure 10 straight minutes in her most powerful hold, anything can happen. The moment she traps Jay in her reverse and starts squeezing, he quickly realizes that he made a BIG mistake! Those massive thighs are devastating and it’s only just begun. Throughout the challenge, she occasionally transitions to her reverse figure-4 which is one of a kind. As she clenches her muscles, his face is forced into her ass, completely preventing him from breathing. He tries to get air whenever she loosens up but she doesn’t allow him enough time before his face is smothered again and again and again. She then straightens out her legs and gives him the full force of her reverse, making him tap frantically seconds before sending him off to scissor heaven. He is OUT and it takes him a while to recuperate but before he has time to fully gain his composure, Mysteria forces him into a front headscissor for the remainder of the challenge. She props herself off the ground, giving him the full power experience and turning his head into a purple grape. He begs her to stop but she laughs as the muscle definition in her legs only seem to get bigger and more defined. You can see the instant relief he gets when she finally unlocks her legs and sets him free. Who knows how he survived this challenge but Mysteria truly looks like she enjoyed herself as she stands above him striking her victory pose.

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