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Ava Simone

Scissor Challenge 269

This is complete scissor destruction! If you’ve ever experienced Ava’s reverse headscissors, you’ll totally understand what it took for Jay to come out of this alive. There are 3 knockouts in this, first one being in the P.O.V. and then 2 more back to back in regular view. After the 3rd KO (which is a major one and totally wipes Jay out), they realize that there is still 1 minute left to the challenge. Jay almost calls it quits but then decides to do the rest in a reverse figure-4 thinking it may be less extreme. Boy was he wrong! As soon as Ava locks him in between her legs again, the fear comes rushing back. Those glutes completely engulf his neck. You can just imagine the damage being done. This is one of our most intense challenges yet and you’re particularly gonna love the way Ava exhibits her passion for crushing men, laughing and taunting him while pulverizing his neck. We triple dare you to attempt this. Ava is waiting!

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