Domina Ava Savage

Scissor Challenge 273

Domina Ava Savage has one hell of a booty so this splits challenge was a great decision. She starts off facing her victim, pinning his neck under her crotch while trash talking, flexing her biceps and using some HOM. She then spins around, dropping her big booty right in his face making both cheeks dance and bounce. Trapped beneath this magnificent female, he’s forced to watch this booty-licious show. Ava is having so much fun and gets right into it, slapping her ass, punching his belly and flexing some more muscles. It’s now time for the finisher and Ava closes her thighs around his head and applies a super tight reverse headscissor. She squeezes full pressure, quickly knocking him out. “Wake up” she says, and scoops him back into the same hold. “Go back to sleep!” She clamps down again for a 2nd knockout but Ava isn’t quite done with him yet. She wants 3 KOs so she switches to a front headscissor, props her entire body off of the bed to get full leverage, then simply waits for his eyes to roll to the back of his head. Now she’s satisfied! She slaps him awake with her foot then strikes a victory pose over a very weak and confused little man.

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