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Scissor Challenge 274

True story: Dee-Vine is actually a friend of ours that we met in our kettlebell class. She popped in one evening without announcement and we still had our studio equipment out from a previous shoot. Well, the cat was out of the bag. We had to tell her about our website and she was actually quite intrigued. We convinced her to try it out and shoot a test video. Originally, she didn’t want us to release it but now with the craziness of self isolation, we offered to pay her to put it on our website. She was more than fine with it and was actually excited to be featured on ScissorFoxes. So give it up for our friend Dee-Vine as she puts Jay through the ringer with her strong thighs. She’s actually quite the show off at our kettlebell class and can squat quite a bit. She taunts Jay to try and escape as she shakes her booty in his face. This video ends with an accidental double neck breaker in POV only. “I guess I don’t know my own strength” she says as she strikes a victory pose. I guess you never know when a close friend is ready to crush some heads.

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