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Nikki Next

Scissor Challenge 275

Nikki Next is in a bratty mood and decides to torment her step brother again. She walks into his room and catches him playing with his phone. She bluntly points out how he never answers any of her text messages but is always glued to his phone. She rips it out of his hands, locks his head between her legs and decides to rummage through his personal texts. He’s hopelessly trapped and even worse, Nikki decides to take pictures of his little purple head stuck between her thighs and send them to his friends. He desperately struggles to escape this nightmare but every time he tries, Nikki puts on the squeeze. She even goes as far as putting him out for a nap (knockout also in POV). It’s not over yet as she cocks her foot into her knee and applies a tight reverse figure-4, making her step brother know who’s the alpha. She then straightens her legs again and lets him have it. She decides to put him out for one more nap before letting him go. She gives it everything she’s got, making sure he’s really out. She even catches his head before it smacks on the bed frame. She hands him back his phone and strikes a victory pose. His fantasy just became a reality!

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