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Scissor Challenge 278

When executed correctly, the figure-4 headscissor is one of the most dangerous of all scissors. Jayde has perfected her technique and with her bulging calf muscle, you’re about to witness Jay panic like never before. The struggle is real and his battle for oxygen is nearly impossible as Jayde keeps her legs constricted like a boa. His neck is engulfed in her muscular legs and his only chance at not being KO’d by his sister-in-law is to escape. Unfortunately, every time he pries at her legs, the grip keeps getting tighter. Jayde is quite amused by his attempts and loves to see his head turn purple when she props herself off of the ground. Time’s up! He is now about to go for a nap as Jayde regrips, tucking his neck deep into her knee pit and knocks him out really good. This actually may be one of the most intense knockouts by figure-4 that we’ve had on the site. While he’s still out, Jayde grazes his face with her butt, almost as if to make him kiss it and then strikes a victory pose as he slowly wakes up from her crazy KO!

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