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Rage Shieldmaiden

Scissor Challenge 279

If you think you can escape Rage’s reverse headscissor, think again! Watch how effortlessly she holds her opponent trapped in her snake grip, as she calls it. Even though he never stood a chance, he does make some pretty good attempts. Unfortunately for him, they are followed by Rage’s insanely tight squeezes. She also loves making a man tap to her power repeatedly. Poor guy has to tap so much in hopes that she eases up on her grip that he barely has a chance to concentrate on escaping. Rage makes it even harder by pinning his wrists with her arms. She has him so good that he seriously can’t move an inch. Rage is also in the mood for a knockout and informs him of this. After taking some of the most punishing reverse headscissors, the time has run out. Rage sets him up for the grand finale. She extends her legs and it somehow looks tighter than ever before. Unfortunately, the poor lad chickens out after all the abuse he took and gives her the safety signal to back out. Who can blame him? He barely got a breath in the entire 10 minutes. Even though Rage did not get the chance to knock him out, she makes it up by completely dominating and humiliating him in her victory pose. He’s real lucky Rage was feeling nice that day.

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