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Skylar Rene

Scissor Challenge 280

What’s your idea of heaven? Could you imagine being trapped in Skylar’s reverse headscissors for a full 10 minutes? There’s no tapping out or getting out, well you can certainly try but no one’s ever succeeded. For added incentive, Skylar will punish you for failing the best way she knows how; a KNOCKOUT! Shawn, who starts off quite mouthy while mocking her scissors, quickly realizes that it was a huge mistake. Skylar pulls him to the ground and locks him into her reverse, turning his head into a purple grape. Her big strong thighs and booty engulfs his neck as he struggles to breathe. She pulsates her butt muscles in his face while mocking him. “I thought you said you can get out” she says with a big smile. Once in a while, she’ll alternate to a reverse figure-4, pulling his neck deeper into her grip. As his ego gets bruised and his hopes of ever getting out are completely gone, Skylar quickly reminds him that it’s time to go to sleep. She cranks on full pressure until Shawn’s body goes completely limp. Skylar strikes a victory pose and reminds everyone “Don’t mess with my reverse.”

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