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Scissor Challenge 281

Damazonia definitely has one of the most dangerous figure-4 headscissors and it’s one of her signature knockout moves. The second that she locked Jay up, he admitted that he was going to throw in the towel. There was NO WAY that he was going to withstand that force for 10 minutes. He just about went out in the first few seconds when she tightened and simply locked her legs. Luckily for you, Jay pushed through it but barely made it out. There’s at least 2 knockouts and countless other close calls. You can tell how difficult it is for him as her legs look like a boa constrictor trying to pop his head off. Damazonia is super playful in this challenge, threatening to leave him in there for an entire 2 hour long movie, slapping him around and applying a lot of H.O.M. Even though Jay makes many attempts to pry himself free (instinctively trying to live), Damazonia mocks his attempts and rewards him by cranking her full pressure which usually results into instant KOs. This video is highly entertaining and will have you wondering how the hell he survived this.

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