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Scissor Challenge 284

Oh to be trapped in Amanda’s reverse headscissors would be heaven. She’s got an incredible ass so even if the goal is to escape, the view will certainly be the highlight of your time spent in her thigh prison. The struggle in this challenge is very real and Amanda has quite a few tricks to solidify her victory. She’s really good at pinning his wrists down, but even more impressive is when she locks his arms in hers like a pretzel rendering him completely helpless at her absolute mercy. There’s absolutely no way out of that combo scissor with arm lock. Amanda knows how to win a challenge and warns him that when he loses, he will become her slave. Another thing that you’ll notice and enjoy is how much Amanda loves shaking her booty in his face. It’s very degrading for him but sexy as hell to watch. She holds him the entire 10 minutes with ease and then knocks him out to humiliate him once more. As we wakes up dazed and confused, she puts one foot on his chest, strikes a victory pose and reminds him that he is now her slave.

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