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Scissor Challenge 285

Jayde just keeps looking hotter and stronger every time we work with her. For this challenge, we decided to focus on our signature scissor ankle lock combo. It is one of the hardest scissors to escape and actually makes it easier for the girl to squeeze harder as they use the victim’s wrist as leverage. We dare you to try it with your partner or at your next session. While in a front headscissor, one wrist is pinned in between the girl’s ankles and the other is firmly held in her hand with her weight on top of it. If done correctly, you aren’t going anywhere. So Jayde starts this challenge by throwing him in a front headscissor and demanding that he sticks his wrist between her ankles otherwise she’ll squeeze. She then pins the other wrist with her hand as mentioned above and warns him that she’ll be squeezing harder every minute as an incentive to try and escape. On top of that, she starts snapping embarrassing pics of him trapped between her thighs with his phone and sending them to his friends. He tries his best to escape to end his humiliation but it’s impossible. In the final minutes, Jayde frees his wrists but puts him deeper into her front scissor. At this point, he can barely breathe. She then lets him know that she’ll be taking a video of her knocking him out so that he can watch it later. Jayde’s legs of steel go into full pressure knockout mode and within seconds, he is out! Jayde throws his phone on his chest and strikes a victory pose. Wouldn’t you love to be in his place?

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