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Dez Desire

Scissor Challenge 288

This is our first reverse figure-4 challenge and if you think you can escape Dez Desire’s hold, you’re in a fantasy world. She’s got very long strong legs and when they’re locked together, there’s no escape. Dante’s got 10 minutes to attempt the impossible or Dez will happilly knock him out for failing. She’s actually looking forward to it. Dante gives everything he’s got, even tries to lift both of their bodies off of the ground but as Dez points out, her legs are bolted together. You’d need the jaws of life to pry those apart. She makes it look so easy. When she’s not squeezing hard to give him motivation, she simply lies back and relaxes while enjoying her superiority. She warns him that he’s got 30 seconds left and even though he steps it up and tries his best, he completely fails to escape. Dez reaches back for her ankle to give maximum pressure until he finally goes to sleep. She strikes a victory pose proving she is the winner of this scissor challenge.

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