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Scissor Challenge 289

Have you ever been scissored by a 6 foot-tall woman? They have a huge advantage as they can usually lock their long legs straight, adding a lot more leverage to their scissors. Jay was foolish to ever think that he could escape Damazonia’s reverse headscissors. He sits in front of the couch as she straddles his neck and locks her ankles. He now belongs to her as there is no escape. Damazonia totally messes with him for the entire length of this challenge with a whole arsenal of physical and mental domination. She eggs him on to try harder to free himself from his captivity while shaking her booty in his face. She strategically gives him bursts of power, messing up his breathing and showing him that she’s in control. Jay also made the mistake of telling Damazonia while chatting before this challenge that she has the most lethal figure-4 that he’s ever felt. So in the middle of the challenge, she decides to quickly switch to her “lethal” figure-4 and knock his ass out. As he wakes up from his nap, Damazonia giggles and says “Oops, sorry” then puts him right back in her reverse where she torments him some more. She warns him that there’s only one minute left and to give his efforts everything they’ve got. Unfortunately, he fails so as punishment, she knocks him out again. She then stands up towering over him like a Goddess, and strikes a victory pose, reminding him that he never stood a chance.

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