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Scissor Challenge 295

Persuasion’s latest and possibly last video is incredibly HOT and takes inspiration from Chichi Medina’s best-selling “Scissor Challenge 208”. With very similar flexibility and strength, both women can make a grown man twice their size beg for their life or take a nap trying. Persuasion pins him down beneath her splits, while flexing her biceps, shaking her amazing booty in his face and bouncing on his neck. Almost halfway into the challenge, Persuasion decides to show Jay what it really feels to have no control over his own breathing by clamping down a super tight reverse headscissor. She really toys with him, threatening to knock him out several times but releases right when he’s on the edge. Suddenly you are thrown into a POV view of her reverse headscissor where she demands to be called your highness, but this doesn’t stop her from knocking him out. Seconds after he wakes up, Persuasion locks up her legs and decides to knock him out again. He barely has time to scream for mercy. We can’t stress enough just how strong her scissors are. Her background in dancing and pole fitness makes her a man’s worse nightmare. She leaves her victim dazed and confused while she strikes a victory pose over his feeble body. You don’t want to miss this!

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