Scissor Challenge 297

Over the years, Firestorm’s scissors have become one of Jay’s biggest nightmares. He actually fears entering her dancer’s legs, as she is notorious for pushing him way past his comfort level. Her front headscissor is particularly lethal, as her inner thigh muscles fully constrict his throat, preventing any air passage. Firestorm decides to really put him through the ringer in this one. Not only does she create rules for him to follow while incarcerated in her leg jail where the punishment is knockout, which she’s incredibly good at, she has so much fun doing this that she ends up knocking him out 7 times. For the last 2 KO’s, she decides to switch it up and do it with her reverse headscissor. By now, Jay is just begging to get out and wants this challenge to be over, but only Firestorm holds the key to his air and his freedom. This panic filled challenge also includes some POV, so don’t miss out!

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