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Sadie Rose

Scissor Lightning Challenge 12

Sadie Rose is a freak of nature with ridiculously strong scissors. Her Pressure Gauge is one of our most panic filled videos to date…until today that is. Jay was really hesitant to do a Scissor Lightning Challenge with Sadie knowing full well that the outcome would be catastrophic. He was concerned for his safety and he was absolutely right to think so. For those who do not know the rules, he has 1 minute to escape each scissorhold and if he fails, Sadie gets to squeeze 100% of her power (which she has some of the strongest scissors on our site) for a slow 10 second count. When you’re in that much pain and fighting for air, this feels like an eternity. Sadie even takes the opportunity to extend his punishment time by adding 1/2 seconds into her count. This video also includes 2 brutal knockouts! One is a tight figure-4 and the other is a side reverse headscissor. They’re held extra long to the point that our camera woman had to step in. He is so dazed after and completely clueless as to what’s going on but Sadie just sticks him into the next scissorhold and warns that he may take a nap again if he doesn’t get out. If you like loads of panic and great knockouts, this is the video for you. Those who doubt Sadie’s power are free to try it out for themselves in a session, but don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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