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Sugar Diamond

Scissor Lightning Challenge 20

There’s strong and then there’s scary strong! Sugar Diamond is most definitely in the scary strong category and has some of the strongest scissors in the industry. She’s made Jay (and other men) beg for their lives between those insanely muscular thighs. They’re much bigger and stronger now than when we first introduced her to scissors 9 years ago and that says a lot considering Jay was terrified of her back then. Doing this Lightning Challenge with Sugar is extremely risky but that’s what our members love to see, so Jay has to buckle down and take one for the team. He has 1 minute to escape each hold and if and when he fails, Sugar gets to apply FULL pressure for a slow excruciating count to 10. He can barely handle half her pressure during the first round so you know he’s in big trouble. When she goes full pressure, just watch as he genuinely fears for his life. You can tell that he’s regretting sticking his neck between those massive thighs. The show must go on and Sugar accidentally knocks him out twice in the process. The second time, our camera woman Venus had to inform her as she couldn’t see his face. It’s one of the many risks of the reverse headscissor. The panic gets out of hand by the end but when the mayhem is finally over and Sugar unlocks her legs for the last time, Jay is incredibly relieved and grateful to be alive. He rolls out of there as quickly as possible and takes a long deep breath. Sugar puts her foot on his chest, strikes a victory pose and is very proud to have broken another man with her hard earned muscles. Dare to be next?

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