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Miss Demeanor

Scissor Orgasm 3

Poor Shawn. After getting his neck rung out by Savannah…TWICE, he decides to give Tinder another try. Meet Miss Demeanor. She’s a very sexy exotic girl with nice thick legs and a great booty, just the way he likes them. After their date, they go back to a hotel where things start heating up. Just as she invites him to go “downstairs”, her legs collapse on the sides of his head and start to squeeze mercilessly. Shawn is in shock and can’t believe his luck. Apparently this girl gets off on scissoring too. He begs her to stop but she just keeps baiting him with what he wants until she has him right where she wants him and then SLAM! Her ankles lock together and she rides his neck, which drives her crazy. His struggles only make it feel better so she squeezes harder. Her big thick thighs are inescapable so his only chance is to hope that she reaches her climax soon. Unfortunately, Miss Demeanor loves foreplay and makes every squeeze count. Many of you will love the bodyscissor part as it’s very reminiscent of Xenia Onatopp’s scene. Lastly, she puts him in a reverse with his head off of the bed. This gives her maximum pleasure but has huge risks for him as it requires her to squeeze hard and long. She finally reaches her climax but Shawn doesn’t make it. She accidentally knocks him out in the process. She laughs it off and leaves him there. This video is really HOT and were sure you’ll love our latest Fox, Miss Demeanor.

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