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Savannah Fox

Scissor Orgasm!

Here’s an EXTREMELY HOT video sent to us from our friend Savannah Fox. This is by far our most orgasmic video yet which will certainly put a smile on your face during these crazy times. After a night of dancing with her date, she goes back to his place and straight his bedroom where he starts putting the moves on her. Savannah informs him that she’s very kinky if he can handle it, and then lures him between her legs. As he tries to go down on her, she wraps her thick thighs around his head and starts to squeeze. This turns her on more than anything and he’s not going anywhere until she’s “finished” with him. While trapped between her strong thighs, Savannah grinds him and pulsates, making her horny and wanting more. She then sits on his face, bobbing up and down and riding it for her pleasure. Every once in a while, she’ll give him a passionate kiss then back in he goes. The big finale includes a very ORGASMIC reverse headscissor where Savannah thrusts her thighs and moans faster and faster until she climaxes. She then sits on his face and tells him that he has a few more minutes before round 2 but it’s not over yet. She keeps her big booty on his face through some very frantic panic until he finally goes limp. She knocks him out with facesitting, something we’ve never seen on ScissorFoxes. She gives him a kiss then leaves the room giggling.

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