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Jenny Blaze

Scissor SAW 8

It’s Halloween which means it’s time for our version of the movie SAW again but with a scissor twist. It’s completely dark and suddenly, a loud switch turns on the lights. We find both Jenny and her friend Jay confused and tied up in a locked room. A terrifying voice is heard over an intercom system: “The last one to survive will get their freedom”. While Jay is trying to stay as a team, Jenny breaks her ankle lock with shear power and goes for it. She wraps her friend’s neck tightly between her toned legs and apologizes for what she’s about to do. He begs her to stop but she’s determined to survive. She viciously crushes her close friend, even knocking him out a couple of times during her attempts to end his life. With his hands tied behind his back, all he can do is plead with her and hope she has a change of heart but his words go unheard. Jenny continues to try and break him with her powerful scissors knowing full well that his neck will eventually give out. Eventually, she gets him in a tight reverse headscissor and gives him everything she’s got, finally snapping his neck and putting an end to his misery. Jenny wins her freedom and her friend’s suffering has come to an end. It’s a win-win wouldn’t you say? Happy Halloween!

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