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Bianca Blance

Scissors By The Lake

It’s a beautiful day in the park by the water and Bianca is enjoying it by tanning her incredible sculpted body. All of sudden, she spots a man nearby and her primal urges take over. She transforms into a huntress ready to attack her prey like a lioness. Her body curls up and is ready to pounce. The male doesn’t even know what he’s in for. Bianca makes her move and before he realizes it, she has her legs wrapped around him, squeezing him mercilessly. She can’t resist the satisfaction she gets when a man is helplessly trapped between her strong thighs. She gets turned on by it and the more he struggles, the harder Bianca squeezes and you definitely don’t want her applying full pressure. This girl has an extensive athletic background including swimming, pole dancing, yoga, boxing, grappling, BJJ, cycling and of course weight training. She is built to crush and destroy men with her thighs. While holding him in a tight reverse headscissor, she notices a nearby fisherman watching them from afar. This just adds to her victim’s humiliation, being scissored in the public eye but Bianca takes great joy from this and ramps up her game. She informs her prey that she is going to knock him out and as promised, she knocks him out with in her reverse. This gives her ultimate pleasure! Bianca lets him go then skips along the river to enjoy the rest of her day completely satisfied. Must see!

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