Sydney Thunder

Semi KOmp 3

Jay didn’t stand a chance against this muscular blonde beauty. Sydney demolishes him in this semi-comp match, scoring 2 KNOCKOUTS only minutes apart. The first one was in a rear naked choke where you can see Jay slowly slip in and out of his scissor coma. The second is with a figure-4 that has him completely out only to be awakened by a furious squeeze. Ya, he was TERRIFIED! While dominating and pinning down her opponent, Sydney took whatever opportunity she could to flex her big strong biceps. She manages to get him in a wide range of holds and his attempts to fight back only get him into more trouble. She simply looks amazing kicking his ass in that outfit. After winning every round, she forces him to smell her sweaty feet as a sign of defeat. She then steps firmly on his neck and strikes a victory pose. Very HOT!

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