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Semi KOmp 4

After getting blown away by 19 year old Bella, we asked CPL wrestling who else they suggested we should work with and immediately they said Cynara. This girl is very mean, very aggressive and as strong as they come. She also LOVES to wrestle! She stands at 5’11” and her long legs get plenty of leverage which explains Jay’s terrifying reactions every time she’s got him in a scissorhold. This is a semi-comp match but Cynara doesn’t always allow her opponent to simply tap out. Most of the time, she really makes him suffer before releasing him. They do start back on their knees a couple of times but Cynara always gets the best of him. Her reverse headscissor is also excruciating. Unfortunately for Jay, she decided to show off her strength and with a burst of power, she puts him out. Very well done!

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