Semi KOmp 9

Trinity is a force to be reckoned with and in this match, she turns Jay into her personal rag doll. With all of her full competitive experience at Absolute Mixed Wrestling, Jay never stood a chance. Trinity has scissors like those car crushers and if she wasn’t the sweet girl that she is, she could easily flatten a man into a pancake. Those 25″ thighs pack a LOT of power and making Jay submit is an easy task for her. She wears him down pretty quickly but it isn’t over until she says it’s over. She continues her reign of destruction to the point that he can’t take anymore. He’s hanging by a thread just trying to survive. She also knocks him out twice throughout the match. You can tell Trinity feels a little bad but it’s back on their knees for the next round. After the second knockout and showing him who’s boss, Trinity strikes a victory pose, displaying her incredible muscles. You do not want to mess with this gal!

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