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Domina Ava Savage

Shock Collar: 50 Shades of Red

Yes, Jay’s face actually gets that deep shade of red and no, we do not and never have color graded it as someone accused us of. This is just what happens when you stick your neck in between a strong beautiful woman’s thighs like Domina Ava Savage. Her scissors are ridiculously tight, so when we decided to do a Shock Collar video with her, we knew that Jay was going to be in huge trouble. It’s a total mind-fuck because he already can’t breathe because of her grip being so tight but if he dares touch her legs to potentially loosen her grip to finally get some air, she clamps down and squeezes even harder. The panic in this video is unreal. After learning his lesson a few times, he resorts to begging, even screaming at her that he can’t breathe, but she completely ignores him, knowing she’s in full control. He is her dog and she is his master. She even demonstrates her leg strength by knocking him out a few times so that he stays in line. We don’t recommend trying this at home or in a session unless you like being scared beyond your comfort level. As you will see, Domina Ava Savage shows no mercy and was born to play this game.

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