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Cheyenne Jewel

Shock Collar: Knockout Discipline!

We think Cheyenne had a little too much fun doing this video. She REALLY puts Jay through the ringer and gives him a scare for his life! It’s a lose-lose situation for Jay. Just like all of our other Shock Collar videos, the victim must restrain himself from grabbing at her powerful legs that are scissoring him and failure to do so results in an extra boost of pressure. Cheyenne takes it even further and says that she might even make him pass out which she certainly does using her vise-like reverse. While Jay is struggling to breathe, panicking frantically and passing out, Cheyenne is laughing away, enjoying her victim getting screwed by this sadistic twisted scissor game. She is completely ruthless and if that’s what you’re into, you’re gonna LOVE this!

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