Lora Cross

Size Doesn’t Matter 2

Lora Cross is finally on ScissorFoxes and this cute sexy girl can literally mop the floor with your ass. You would be a fool to judge her by her size. She may only be 5’2″ and 115 lbs, but she’s fit as hell and has one of the longest athletic background lists we’ve ever seen including Crossfit, Spartan races and BJJ. She is feisty as she is strong and has no problem overpowering men twice her size. Just go read her reviews on Sessiongirls and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Watch what she does to this 6 foot-tall, 200 pound guy who refuses to let her be his trainer and says she’s too skinny. Lora whips him to the ground and quickly shows him that size doesn’t matter. With a fury of headscissors, punches, kicks, lifts & carries and body slams, her male client is eating his words. She then proceeds to knock him out in a rear headscissor which is one of the harder ones to achieve. She gets so into it and is so determined to show this guy who’s stronger, that she accidentally breaks his neck between her strong thighs. She lets his arm drop to see if he’s still alive, then strikes a victory pose over his body before dragging it away. Lora is all riled up and ready for her next client. Are you man enough to handle this?

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