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Miss Jasmine

Sleep Tight 6

Can you imagine being trapped all night long between a sexy pair of strong legs while your hands are tied behind your back and there’s nothing you can do until she lets you go in the morning? This series (previously known as Lights Out) exposes one of many extreme scissor fantasies which some may say they want to experience until it’s too late, and they are begging for it to stop. Some women like having a pillow between their thighs to help them sleep. Miss Jasmine, on the other hand, much prefers a man’s neck to squeeze. She regularly does this and finds that knocking a man out over and over again helps her de-stress while getting a good leg stretch before bed. They can beg all they want, but Miss Jasmine really enjoys her nightly routine. She ends up knocking him out 7 times before finally getting some shut-eye. Jay will be sleeping tight tonight, but who’s brave enough to be Miss Jasmine’s thigh pillow tomorrow?

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