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Princess Samantha

Star Wars Girls Kick Ass!

Princess Samantha is back and she is HOTTER and STRONGER than ever! Just check out the definition in her legs. The first thing she told us is how she’s been practicing her scissorholds and has made many men pass out. Well, she wasn’t kidding. Her scissors rocked Jay’s world! After hours of building her Lego Millennium Falcon, Jay pokes fun at her and starts playing with it. He then accidentally drops it, sending pieces flying everywhere. Samantha grabs him by the hair, throws him to the ground and locks on the tightest reverse headscissors, knocking him right out and doesn’t stop squeezing. When he wakes up, he is tied up and still trapped between Samantha’s angry thighs. She makes him pay BIG TIME with loads of panic and knocks him out again just to make a point. The force is STRONG with this one!

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