Marissa Marshall

Strip Poker Gone Wild

Marissa is always up for playing a game of strip poker but don’t ever get caught cheating. As tempting as it may be to see this Goddess show off that amazingly fit body, it comes at a price. After catching her friend hiding cards, Marissa wraps her big strong thighs around his neck and demands a streak of apologies. Unfortunately for him, her scissors are so tight that he can barely speak so as sorry as he is, he can’t respond which makes her squeeze even harder. She then removes her jean shorts, revealing a tiny thong and puts him in a scissor which has his face next to her butt. “Is this what you wanted?” she says. Then, while holding him in a figure-4, Marissa informs him that this is reserved for cheaters and quickly knocks him out. She keeps him out for a long time before finally letting him go, followed by a bratty “Haha”. Even though he’s apologized to her numerous times, she continues to show him no mercy and then, while applying a reverse headscissor, she says “You don’t sound sorry to me” and knocks him out real good. She holds it so long that our camera woman had to inform her that he was out. Marissa gets up, slams the playing cards on him and then strikes a victory pose while standing on his chest. She certainly won that game.

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