Super Soldier

This is one of the most action packed matches that we’ve ever had on ScissorFoxes. Watch as a cadet tries to take on super soldier Antscha. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t shake her off. She locks on her scissors like a vise grip and holds on even in mid-air. We’ve never seen someone put so much effort into escaping but his attempts cannot free him from her grip. Her leg muscles just explode as she keeps her victim at bay. Antscha is known for her scissors and if you ever thought that you can escape, watch this video as it will certainly change your mind. After taking all hope away from him, she warns him that she’s about to use full power. She squeezes him as hard as she can in a reverse headscissor until he no longer seems to be breathing. She actually scissors the life right out of him. Super soldier Antscha puts one foot on his chest and strikes a victory pose. Highly recommended!

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