The Amazon Assassin

Skipping town? Not when Damazonia aka The Amazon Assassin has been hired to hunt you down and finish you off. This snitch hasn’t even finished packing yet when she shows up to his hotel room, ready to make an example out of him. Wearing a sheer catsuit, this 6 foot tall Goddess (6’6″ with those heels) throws him to the ground then wraps her long lethal legs around him. Based on his reaction, you can tell that she does this for a living and has exterminated many men this way. Damazonia seems to really enjoy her work and laughs every time that she makes him scream between her thighs. Poor boy could barely endure it, and even loses consciousness a couple of times. He was no match for her reverse headscissor which puts him right out. Her other KO specialty is a figure-4. It’s like being at the mercy of a python and only takes seconds before fading out to dream world. Watch him sputter as he comes back to reality. Unfortunately, his reality is about to come to an abrupt end. While holding him in another reverse, Damazonia unleashes a full thrust of power, breaking his neck then twists to the side for a second SNAP! Both have a slow motion close-up replay. The Amazon Assassin always hits her mark!

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