Raven Wild

The Baroness: Paralyzing Assassin

Raven’s incredible raw sexual energy is intoxicating and makes this one of the hottest Baroness videos we’ve ever made. She immediately whips her thighs around his head by means of a handstand, and holds him in this position for quite sometime as he struggles to breathe. She then brings him to the ground and perpetuates a series of scissorholds that get her extremely “excited”. The more he screams, the better it feels and the harder she squeezes. It’s a momentum that cannot be stopped and in the end, puts this victim in a real bad predicament. She exerts herself to make sure his pain is her pleasure. As you may know, with Raven Wild, she always gives 200% and it shows. His fear is as real as it gets. It’s unfortunate that she does not offer sessions so that others can contest her insane scissor power. Her reverse and figure-4 headscissors are completely excruciating. She easily knocks him out with those holds. Baroness then reveals that she has a surprise for him as she locks him in a front headscissor. With precise muscle control and the right amount of thrust, she manages to paralyze him from the neck down. He lays there helpless as Baroness performs her grand finale and breaks his neck. You can actually hear the bones cracking as she holds the pressure before finally letting go. She kisses her bicep, then steps on his body as she leaves.

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