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The Bounty Hunter 3

Rapture is America’s most dangerous Bounty Hunter and you’re about to see why. The amazon with legs of steel loves to wrap those big thighs around fugitives. By the time she’s done with them, they’re begging to be taken into custody. Unfortunately for them, she prefers to take the law into her own hands (or legs if you would). Her sadistic punishments are borderline illegal but who can stop her? She also loves showing off her biceps while her prey is trapped in her leg jail. She’s overpowered men twice her size so this little guy doesn’t stand a chance. Watch her glutes snap shut as she tries to pop his head off. She also has a mean bodyscissor and has broken many ribs before, and those reverse headscissors of hers are insane! Just as she’s about done toying with him, she knocks him out for easy transportation. You can run but you can’t hide from Rapture, The Bounty Hunter!

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