Rage Shieldmaiden

The Bounty Hunter 6

After a long hunt for a wanted criminal across 3 continents, Rage has finally tracked him down. She’s going to really enjoy making him suffer before turning him in to the authorities. She’s been waiting for this moment for a very long time. After sneaking into his suite and snapping a few pics, she launches at him like a predator and begins her onslaught of punishment. Listen to him gurgle and tap frantically as Rage shows absolutely no mercy and ignores his taps. Her big thighs completely engulf his neck and the pressure is unbearable. Her booty looks absolutely amazing in those black leggings, especially in her reverse. He just can’t handle a woman like her and she’s out for justice. After toying around a while, she removes her leggings, revealing her powerful thighs. Now it’s time to crank it up a notch. Rage goes so hard on him and makes this guy so scared, we’re shocked that he survived. She applies multiple choke holds using her hands, arms and feet. She then applies another reverse off of the couch and her booty looks even better in that camo bikini but you be the judge. Rage asks him: “You gonna beg me to go to jail?” which he responds yes. She sits on his face and says: “go to my ass jail”. She applies one more brutal standing headscissor before dragging him across the floor to turn him in. He’s lucky to be alive.

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