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Miss Jasmine

The Bounty Hunter 9

One of the sexiest and most lethal Bounty Hunters in the world is about to show off her capturing skills. After finally finding her target in a hotel, she breaks in, ties him up then has her fun with him before turning him in to the authorities. This is definitely the best part of her job. She straddles his chest and wraps her big strong legs around his neck and applies the tightest reverse headscissor. Her glutes simply look amazing in those sheer booty shorts and thigh straps. Within a few seconds, she has him snoring and this is just the beginning. Miss Jasmine shows no mercy and squeezes her prey relentlessly. With his hands tied behind his back, all he could do is squirm and beg. She knocks him out for a total of 4 times with the final one ending with a countdown. While he’s waking up, she grabs her phone, locks him in a front headscissor off of the bed and calls her boss, letting him know she’s got him. This video probably best displays just how jacked Miss Jasmine’s legs really are. This woman was built to crush men between her thighs and if you’ve never experienced it, you’re missing out…BIG TIME!!

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