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Nikki Next

The Escape Room: Episode 11

This extremely hot Nikki Next video may very well be her last as she is now retired from wrestling. What better way to end her incredible scissor career than hosting our very popular Escape Room Series, which includes 2 Knockouts and a Neck Breaker with slow motion instand replay! Nikki looks so incredibly sexy in that strappy outfit and her strong legs are ready to play the game. As per the rules, the contestant has 10 minutes to get his entire body out of the yellow square to win 1 million dollars. Here’s the catch: his wrists and ankles are bound together and the host must stop him with any means possible. Nikki does an awesome job at crushing his hopes by keeping him locked between her thighs. He desperately struggles to escape her scissors as his life depends on it. If he runs out of time, Nikki gets to choose how to finish him off. Everything is at stake and all that stands between winning big money or end of life are Nikki’s strong legs. Just to keep him in check, she knocks him out a couple of times. In the final 10 second countdown, Nikki gets setup for her big finale as the contestant faces the end. The buzzer goes off and Nikki whips out her legs, breaking his neck with her thighs! She stands above his body and strikes a victory pose. What an incredible job that she’s done and we hope she comes out of retirement and back to ScissorFoxes some day.

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