Maxine Striker

The Escape Room: Episode 9

With his life on the line, Maxine (resembling Laura Croft) makes it impossible to escape the yellow box. Her technical skills far surpass his and his hands and feet are tied up. He only has 10 minutes to get his entire body across that line. If he does, he’ll win a million dollars but if he doesn’t; lights out FOREVER!! Maxine throws him around like a rag doll. The contestant puts maximum effort into trying to avoid her and reach his goal but she’s all over him. Once she has you in between those lethal legs, all you can think of is trying to survive that hold. Watch her put him out with a very tight figure-4 headscissor. He certainly can’t afford to take a nap if he wants to live. Maxine effectively uses many tactics to stop him including HOM, foot chokes, hand chokes, arm bars and standing ankle scissors among many others. Maxine warns him that he only has 30 seconds left. He starts squirming like crazy, trying to break free from the front headscissor that he’s locked in but time runs out. She winds up and snaps her legs out, breaking every bone in his neck. Realistically, he never stood a chance.

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