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The Jealous Stepsister

Cassie is very feisty and loves to wrestle boys. She also has a crush on her new stepbrother and when she finds out that he has a girlfriend, her jealousy kicks into overdrive and she suddenly has the urge to squeeze him. This way, she can have him all to herself. The harder he struggles and fights back, the tighter she squeezes. There’s really nothing he can do but submit to Cassie’s thighs and hope that he survives to see another day. You can tell she enjoys it, smiling every time he begs her to stop. Unfortunately for him, he has to live with her which will most likely lead to more beatings from his sexy but evil stepsister. Watch Cassie as she completely dominates him with strength and skill. This video is incredibly hot and ends with her knocking him out with a reverse headscissor and then striking a victory pose over his limp body. Cassie has now marked her territory.

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