Rage Shieldmaiden

The Knockout Waiver 12

Get ready for over 17 minutes of complete scissor mayhem! Rage is back on ScissorFoxes and she demonstrates just how brutal and sadistic she can be. When we requested that she do a Knockout Waiver with one of her clients, we knew we were in for a treat but this just blew us away. We counted about 6 to 8 knockouts but you be the judge. Some are more extreme than others and many of them are in her powerful reverse. After making her client sign his life way (to the devil as she puts it), she quickly ties him up and makes him regret it evey step of the way. Right off the start, she puts him out in a reverse, showing him what he’s in for. After that, it’s just a spree of intolerable scissors, frantic tapouts, slaps, kicks, foot smothers, facesitting, HOM, trash talk and of course, many more knockouts. Rage is an absolute beast and gave us this gift for all of us to enjoy. Check out this video and put yourself in his spot. You think you would survive?

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