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The Knockout Waiver 13

Firestorm is a force of nature and her thighs are as lethal as they get. Anyone willing to sign a knockout waiver with her would have to be crazy. Even Jay was reluctant but sometimes he has to face his fears in order to keep the fans happy. His fear was very much justified as Firestorm knocks him out almost right away in a front headscissor. Our camera girl had to stop her as she was still squeezing. Now that’s scary. Jay tries to call it quits but Firestorm reminds him that he signed that waiver and his ass belongs to her. Her reverse is so insane, you can barely hear him through his grinding teeth, telling her repeateldly that it’s too tight. She simply responds that she doesn’t care and knocks him out again. The best is the next one where she has him in a super tight figure-4, casually admiring her nails. She boa contricts his neck until he’s out once again making it look effortless. The 4th one, she knocks him out with a reverse which has him mumbling in his sleep. The final knockout is in a side reverse that looks so tight, his face is completely purple. He begs her to stop and that he can’t handle anymore KOs. Firetorm smirks and says ok, clamping on so tight his head looks like it’s going to pop off. Within seconds, he’s out for the 5th time. Simply amazing! Do you think you have what it takes to handle Firestorm’s scissors?

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