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Maxine Striker

The Knockout Waiver 14

Maxine was really eager to participate in our Knockout Waiver. Her shredded legs can do a lot of damage and she’s quite good at using them to put men to sleep. After Jay signs that waiver, Maxine warns him as she locks his wrists and ankles together. Let the madness begin! Just for fun, she knocks him out right away with a figure-4 headscissor. She wastes no time in showing him (and the audience) what she’s capable of and she’s just warming up. She decides to show off her full power with a side headcissor, propping herself off of the floor and squeezing until he’s out again! She torments him in the following few scissorholds, making him panic like crazy and regretting signing that waiver. He’s flat out trrified and begs her to stop but instead, she knocks him out again with a reverse. She’s having way too much fun to stop so he’s out of luck. After long periods of begging and screaming, she finally takes pitty on him and ends his terror with a victory pose, showing off her ripped physique. Enjoy!

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