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Kitana Knox

The Knockout Waiver 19

Fact #1: Kitana Knox is as lethal as they get, and her scissors are as strong, if not stronger, than Nikki Next. Fact #2: Jay was never supposed to be in this video, but had to step in because our other volunteer ended up gushing out of his nose from the immense pressure. Yes! Kitana’s scissors are that strong. Fact #3: Even Jay barely made it to the end, yelling cut repeatedly at one point, and almost called it quits before the video was done. It’s one thing to get scissored past your comfort level, but when your hands are tied behind your back, it’s the scariest thing you can imagine. On top of that, Kitana is determined to knock them out repeatedly, and she’s definitely more than capable and willing to do it. There are a total of 8 knockouts in this incredible video, some of them back-to-back and some are very intense. By the end, Jay was so scared to get knocked out again, he starts panicking and shaking violently, but Kitana will not tolerate this behavior. She reigns him in, locking him in even tighter into her reverse, and squeezes until he’s out again. Luckily, both men made it out of this alive…barely. This is one of our most extreme videos, so if that’s what you like, then we highly recommend this. Also, make sure to follow Kitana Knox and check out her store.

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