Domina Ava Savage

The Knockout Waiver 4

This insane video contains 6 freaking KNOCKOUTS!!! To be fair, Domina Ava did warn us that not only is she great at doing knockouts, but she absolutely LOVES doing them. As much as Jay thought he was prepared, he really wasn’t. Once Ava got going, she became real SAVAGE and started knocking him out back to back, each one more intense than the last! What started as signing a simple waiver, allowing her to lock him up and do whatever she pleases, ends up being a Scissor Hell. Her top-notch physique proves to be extremely dangerous when given the opportunity. After the first quick KO with a sleeper hold, she plants her high heel on his chest and says “Look at these big thick thighs” and the rest is one big blur for Jay. With every scissorhold, Ava made sure he’d go out, all while laughing and enjoying herself. It’s a knockout rollercoaster and Jay is strapped in for the ride of his life! It starts with a reverse headscissor, then a reverse figure-4 followed by a regular figure-4, then a front and finally a reverse side scissor. As mentioned before, every knockout gets more and more intense! Finally, Ava decides to stop her reign of terror and reward him with a booty dance, which she does while doing the splits on his neck. She calls her cheeks the “Savages” then flexes her biceps. This is beyond brutal and highly entertaining! Don’t miss out!

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