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Skylar Rene

The Knockout Waiver 6

We saved the best for last. We’ve held on to this video for as long as we could. This is from our first and only shoot with Skylar, which we knew would be a perfect candidate for this intense series. Our Knockout Waiver allows her to do anything that she wants to Jay after locking his wrists and ankles together. If you ever recreate this scenario, please proceed at your own risk. Skylar warned Jay that he would be going out multiple times and she meant it. 3 FULL BLOWN KNCOKOUTS in this NO-TAP, DO-WHAT-SHE-WANTS, MAKE-HIM-REGRET-IT video. Now luckily, Skylar is a professional and has mastered the knockout technique. She also knows how to push someone’s limits without causing permanent damage. One knockout is done with a propped up tight figure-4 and the other 2 are from her famous reverse headscissors. She really likes putting guys out with that one and you have to admit, she looks good doing it. She’s got the booty of a Goddess and when she flexes it around your neck, it’s instant nap time. After you see this, are you brave enough to sign that waiver?

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