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The Knockout Waiver 7

For our 1500th video, we decided to do something really CRAZY…15 knockouts in 10 minutes!!! Please do not attempt this without proper safety precautions as it can be very dangerous. We asked Damazonia, who has incredible knockout control, to do our Knockout Waiver video and aim for 15 knockouts. Let’s just say that she was more than happy to do it…maybe a little too happy, lol. She tied Jay up so good that there was no backing out. His wrists, his ankles and even his elbows were locked together. Now for the fun to begin! Knockout after knockout, Damazonia counts them down, loving every single one of them while Jay loses his mind. By the 5th one, he’s totally disorientated and then by the 10th, he’s had enough. He tries to quit but he’s under contract to take whatever Damazonia gives him and she wants her 15 knockouts. Some of the knockouts are quick and some of them are quite extreme. The first figure-4 and the last reverse headscissors are probably the most intense ones but you be the judge. We’ve never done anything like this before but we do it for our fans. Luckily after a couple of days, Jay started feeling normal again. We’d like to thank Damazonia for totally rocking this video. Enjoy!

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