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Jenna Preston

The Melon Crusher!

Check out our 1st Melon Crusher video! Jenna Preston has EXTREMELY powerful thighs as you’re about to witness. She starts off by slowly squeezing a pillow while pretending it’s someone’s neck. She then moves to cereal boxes. It makes a nice crunching sound as she increasingly constricts her muscles. When she puts the second box in a reverse, you can really see her crushing power. Now come the watermelons. Jenna POPS three in a row using three different scissorholds! The last one explodes towards the camera from none other than her reverse. When it’s all said and done, the producer tries to explain to Jenna that she doesn’t get paid until the video gets released. She’ll hear nothing of it and immediately throws him between her melon crushing thighs. You can tell by his fear and panic that she’s VERY upset. While trapped in her scissors, she force feeds him pieces of watermelon and asks him if it’s hard to swallow. She’s so mean to him and it gets even worse when she sticks him in a reverse. He starts panicking like crazy but she just squeezes harder and harder until she knocks him out! His body goes limp and starts to convulse a little. This is NOT a girl you want to mess with!

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